Ukrainian Cinema And Cultural Mobilization During The Russian Invasion (2022)




Ukrainian cinema, war, cultural mobilization, Russo-Ukrainian war


This article examines the mobilizing function of Ukrainian cinema in response to the Russian invasion. It starts by providing a concise overview of the mobilizing aspect of Ukrainian culture during the initial stage of Russian aggression in 2014-2019. The following section presents the situation of the Ukrainian film industry during the Russian invasion in 2022 and 2023, as well as the role played by cinema in mobilizing Ukrainian society and the world community to counter the aggressor. As shown, the production of new audiovisual content and the promotion of Ukrainian films strengthen the resiliency and unity of Ukrainians while also contributing to the formation of a coherent narrative encircling ongoing events. Furthermore, Ukraine's engagement in international film festivals and the dissemination of Ukrainian cinema via dedicated screenings play a significant role in fostering a positive perception of Ukrainians and Ukraine, acquiring moral support and financial and military aid. The article's final section analyzes recent cinematic projects related to the ongoing Russian invasion, examining the reasons and obstacles their creators face. The article is primarily based on analysis of pre-existing data sourced from the official websites of Ukrainian cultural institutions and renowned Ukrainian online media.




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Olzacka, E. (2023). Ukrainian Cinema And Cultural Mobilization During The Russian Invasion (2022). Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image, 15(1), 14–30.